Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tatted Earrings

This is the second pair of earrings I made. The first ones have already been given away and I didn't take a picture...they were too long for me. I figured out how to load seed beads on regular crochet thread using a needle threader... it worked! Learned a lot from the first pair.

The first pair I used beads that were too large and didn't have the beads loaded correctly on the threads so they didn't turn out like I expected, which is OK... Kathryn loves them! Here is a link to the pattern I used. I didn't follow it exactly, but it is very similar. Snowflake Earring I have all my new tatting blogger friends to thanks for this. They have inspired me to take up my shuttles and tat again.


TattingChic said...

They are very pretty! Nice work! :)

Zlaty said...

wow they are very pretty Kathy!

Great job!

Today is cold so it's a good day to stay in!