Sunday, March 29, 2009

Stash Report Week 13

Stash Report for week 13:

Fabric bought this week: 0 yards
Fabric used this week: 6.41 yards

Fabric bought YTD: 32 yards
Fabric used YTD: 87.25 yards

Stash busted: I have used 55.25 yards more than I have bought.

I'll be sewing again when I get home from church.


TAT19540 said...

Hi! I found you at the comment page of Tatting Chic. I have my own'stashs' so I understand. To answer your ? about understanding diagrams in tatting you need to read 'Tatting With Visual Patterns' by Mary Konior. I got my copy from Handy Hands, but I bet a library might carry it. Mary explains it all very clearly! I'm glad to have found you blog! It might inspire me to get my quilt done( the 3 year and counting).

Lori in South Dakota said...

You're getting a lot done. Do you have a pattern you use for the 16 patches, or is it just in your head? LOL--I like a pattern for the general idea, but then usually change things about it.

Scrappy-Quilter said...

what a great report - you are making such progress - isn't it nice to have joined this challenge and seeing our stashes being reduced?