Sunday, September 21, 2008


Thanks to Judy at Patchwork Times for doing this Quiltathon. You would think, with my husband in Texas doing hurricane relief, that I would have gotten a lot done, but I haven't. I did manage to make this basket, which is not quilting, but sewing.

I also worked on another "Heart to Heart" wallhanging. I think I'll give this one to my neighbor, Lisa, because she will be taking care of Sasha, our Rottweiler, while I am in Baltimore next weekend visiting my son and his family, which includes a new granddaughter, Darcy :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Finished the Bargello

Here is a picture of the finished Bargello quilt I made as a shop sample for the class I am teaching at Busy Bees Quilts in Edgewood, New Mexico.

Baseball Tablerunner

I made this tablerunner for my future son-in-law. He loves baseball, especially the Boston Red Sox. This will go nice with his collection of baseballs.

Yippee! I won a prize!

I just received an e-mail that I have won a membership to the Anilee Mystery Club!
If you don't know about Anilee's Mystery Hunt, then you should check it out!
You can join in the hunt at the above address or when you find the treasure hunt logo on a participating website. I know how much we quilters enjoy a mystery and the hunt takes some time, but you go from website to website looking for clues. The mystery quilts are really cool. Hope you have as much fun as I did!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Busy Bees

I have been checking out various bloggers and their sites and came across my tall daughter Amy's site (she's not really my daughter, but I love her like one) and found where I can change the look of my background. Found the bees... and since I teach at Busy Bees Quilts in Edgewood, New Mexico, thought this was most appropriate. Speaking of Amy, she and her husband, Jesse, are expecting their first child in May. Another quilt to make! Yippee!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricane Ike

My husband was off to Texas yesterday to do hurricane relief. He works for the electric company here and they sent a bunch of guys and trucks to help restore electricity. He'll be gone for about 3 weeks and that's a long time. Hopefully his boss will be able to find them a place to stay so they are not camping out. They work 16 hours a day every day, no breaks except to eat and sleep. They need a place to call home that's dry, with indoor bathroom facilities and a comfortable bed. He told me there are hundreds of poles down that will need to be replaced. Please keep him and the rest of the guys helping out in your prayers. They will be in the area of Texas City, Texas.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hi Ho, Hi Ho

It's off to a quilt retreat I go! My friend, Teresa, and I, are going to the Hummingbird Music Camp in the Jemez Mountains for a wonderful quilt retreat. It's called a S'Mores retreat because, for one thing, it's S'More than wonderful :) We leave tomorrow and come back Sunday night. Our teacher is Carol Morrissey from Texas. Here is her website: We are going to be making the "Georgetown Poppies" pattern.

Now, of course, me being an "overachiever", I will be bringing more than one project to work on. How did I get the grand title of "overachiever"? Well, you see, I am hard of hearing and wear hearing aids in both ears. Consequently, I have a hard time following conversations in a room full of women and sewing machines. So I sew... and sew... and sew... and don't converse unless I have something to say or take a break and listen. Sew I get a lot done.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I've been busy again :)

Yesterday I finished a set of placemats for my daughter-in-love, Samone. Christmas is coming early for her and my granddaughters as I will be mailing a bunch of really neat stuff to their house just in time for my visit! I love watching Samone open presents... she's like a kid in a candy store and gets as much enjoyment out of presents as I do watching her open them!

Today I was able to finish most of a Bargello quilt as a shop sample for a class I will be teaching in October. Cheri (Queen Bee) picked out the fabrics and the rest was up to me. I really like the way it is turning out so far... just borders to add and quilting to do!