Friday, April 3, 2009

St. James Tea Room

KOB TV station in Albuquerque has this promotion they do on Thursdays'...half price on something... and several months ago they did one for the St. James Tea Room. My daughter, her friend, Beth, Teresa and I all waited until 11 am to grab up this fantastic offer. They went so fast and my computer was so slow, I didn't make it, but my daughter graciously let me buy hers. Yesterday, Teresa and I took Teresa's Mom, Charlotte, and our friend Lee to tea at the Tea Room. It was lovely and we had a fabulous time. These are the delicious goodies we feasted upon:

This is Lee and Charlotte:

This is Teresa and I:


Anonymous said...

The St. James Tea Room is such fun!! Did you put on some hats?? Their scones and lemon curd are the best! Yum. Mary

Zlaty said...

You look very good on the picture with your daughter! mmmm looks tasty!

have great weekend!