Sunday, January 25, 2009

This week's goal

Since I have been unable to stop buying fabric and haven't used as much as I wanted to, I pulled out a UFO that will require a lot of fabric and it is my goal for this week to finish the top. This is a curved log cabin that I started last year and put away because I got tired of working on it. Besides stashbusting this year, I also want to finish some of my UFO's. Half of the quilt is pieced and put together. I made 10 blocks this morning... have 30 to go. Once it is pieced, I will have used almost 14 yards of fabric... this I know because I drafted the pattern in Electric Quilt and then did the yardage calculation. Even though my log cabin is all scraps, the yardage is still the same.

Here's a picture of the first half of the quilt:


Diana said...

I LIKE it! I love log cabin quilt though so it's no surprise but it looks great!
Can't wait to see it done.

Purple Pam said...

Your curvy log cabin is great. I was looking at your slide show of quilts and noticed a lot of purple. Like that purple!

Amy said...

Very pretty!

Suze said...

Aren't Log Cabin quilts just the best.