Thursday, January 22, 2009

Electric Quilt

For Christmas, I decided I needed some new toys so I bought myself a laptop with a 17" screen and also purchased Electric Quilt software. I'm having a lot of fun with both! Judy over at Patchwork Times uses the software and designs the most wonderful inspiring quilts. I have been using one of her creations "Chicken Dance" to learn how to use the software and after creating a copy of her quilt, I then changed the layout and created my own version of the quilt..."My Chicken Dance".

I think these chickens are doing the do-si-do :)


Zlaty said...

Good Job on the "My chicken Dance" Kathy! i love your colors, that will be a fun quilt!

Have Fun Sewing!


Suze said...

I admire you for learning EQ6. I have had it for years but only used it for Dear Jane.