Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We don't see a lot of different critters around the house. Yes, we have rabbits and squirrels. Sometimes we see a deer, hear the coyotes. A bear has been sighted once or twice in the neighborhood, even bobcats. We're at too high an altitude to see roadrunners, but sometimes we happen to catch sight of one. Where is this leading to, you say? Well, a few weeks ago, as Chuck was getting ready to leave for work, I happened to see a chipmunk on the side of the house. Chuck didn't believe me until he rounded the corner of the house and lo and behold... a chipmunk!

He hung around long enough for me to get a picture. My husband was sure I had never seen a chipmunk before, especially around our house, but I had. My parents have a cabin at Mammonth Lakes, California, and there are tons of chipmunks there!


Zlaty said...

Oh Kathy lucky you!

We have a lot of chipmunks and they like to dig my pots on the porch! Do you want some more :))

have a nice day!


Suze said...

We have chipmunks that sit on the steps and eat the sunflower seeds dropped from the bird feeder. I just wish they would learn to leave their hulls somewhere else.