Sunday, December 7, 2008

More Old Quilts

When I pulled out my first quilt, I realized there were several of my quilts I hadn't taken pictures of. These quilts also date back to when I first started quilting. This first one is a churn dash quilt and I think it was my second quilt.

Then I made this quilt and I realized after making quite a few blocks that I didn't buy enough fabric to make the quilt as big as I wanted to so I found a complimentary fabric so I could finish the quilt... looks like I planned it that way, doesn't it? I don't remember the name of the block.

I used to attend Grace Church in Albuquerque and I started making friendship quilts for the new babies in the congregation. So it wouldn't get too out of hand, I limited the number of quilts to one per family, no matter how many babies they had. Otherwise, we'd never get caught up! I passed out muslin blocks and the women embellished them as they pleased, then I gathered them and made the quilt. I lost track of how many I made. One of the mothers was so grateful for her quilt she decided to make a friendship quilt for me as a surprise and thanks for making all those baby quilts. This is the quilt, made in 1984.

In 1987 the small group I belonged to decided to exchange friendship blocks. In order to have enough for a big quilt, I added blocks from family and friends.

Someone gave me these blocks and I really love this quilt. I have never seen another block like this... my Parasol Lady Quilt.

This quilt really has a story to it. My husband's cousin came to me one day with 2 garbage bags full of quilt tops his mother had pieced dating back to the 30's and 40's. He wanted to know how much I'd charge him to quilt them and since all my quilting was done by hand, he about had a heart attack when I gave him a price. So we compromised. He had 3 daughters so I took three of the quilts, quilted them, and kept the rest. This quilt was one I kept. Many of the hexagons had deteriorated so I replaced them with like fabrics and quilted it.

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Suze said...

You have some wonderful quilts there. I must remember to make a churn dash one day soon. Love that block.