Saturday, December 6, 2008

Let the Quiltathon begin!

Today is a good day for Judy's December Quiltathon weekend.

I just finished quilting Eileen's christmas gift for her husband.

Now I plan on working on Jessa's wedding quilt. Hopefully she will get it before her first anniversary. It's a king sized quilt with lots of paper piecing so it will take some time to finish. I'm almost done with Arc A, but still have all 160 something of Arc B to do, then on to the melons and star points. This is a Judy Neimeyer pattern called Wedding Star. I keep the pieces of the quilt in a pizza box which makes it easier to tote around when I want to work on it somewhere other than home, like Busy Bee Quilt Shop when I only have one student to teach, or UFO night.

Then, when I am tired of paper piecing, I'm going to work on making another Heart to Heart quilt. I really love this pattern and may use this one as a table topper since I already have one quilt up on the wall in the living room.


Suze said...

You have accomplished quite a bit today.....Doesn't it feel good?

whimzeestitches said...

Wow Kathleen you did a lot there. This is my first quiltathon and actually my first attempt at a pieced quilt too! We actually will be in New Mexico in three weeks - My mom lives in Aztec, the other end of the world it seems - but I can't wait because she just bought a Voyager 17 as I see you have one there too! I will get to quilt my holiday quilt on her long arm in a few weeks. Yipee!

Shasta said...

Looks like you have quite a bit planned. Good luck.