Thursday, October 2, 2008


You may ask, what exactly is a "Rambi"? Well, one very blustery winter day, my husband was bored, but it was too nasty to work outside. We had this pile of stuff that we had been saving to make into yard art. We just started creating... welding... using anything of no value that we could find. And Rambi was created. The name comes from the fact that he/she is made up of Dodge Ram truck parts (the Ram) and BMW motorcycle parts (the B). When we first placed him/her in the yard, people driving or walking up the side road would stop... look ... and sometimes come back with a camera!

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Judy said...

I LOVE this! Your hubby did a great job. I have printed it off to show my hubby and hope it will inspire him to did into his pile of fabulous stuff--his name for junk. :-)