Monday, August 25, 2008

Just one of those days

Ever had one of those days when things just didn't go your way? That's the kind of day I'm having and I'm not having any fun either. We have been trying to upgrade our DirecTV to High Definition so we could watch the Olympics in all it's glory. Well, the Olympics are over and we still don't have HD. It's been one thing after another... first they couldn't put the HD dish where the other one went because it is larger and needs to be braced and we have a metal roof and they won't put screws in our metal roof. So we went to the trouble of putting a very sturdy post in the ground and ran the wire in the attic so their guy didn't have to do it... and he could never get a decent signal so after 5 1/2 hours, he left us with no satellite TV, saying his supervisor would be back today between 10 and 2 to work on it. Did that happen... NO! and I was the one who had to make the phone call to find out why no one showed up... she said the order was cancelled - CANCELLED! No way... so someone is supposed to be here tomorrow between 8 and 12. If not, I'm going to be making a few phone calls and expecting some free programming or credits if I ever get my HD. Damn... I hate automated phone calls! It will probably take a snail mail letter to corporate to get any satisfaction.

So I vented... feel better (a little)

Anyway, I want you all to check out Judy Laquidara's blog. I think she is a hoot :)

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