Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh how I have been lazy! Not blogging, not quilting, not doing much of anything, but then everyone needs a break now and then.

My Tuesday group all made this beautiful tote bag. It is nice and large for travelling with many pockets inside and out.

This is the 2009 BOM quilt from the Over the Mountain Quilt Quild.

A couple from my church adopted twin boys so these are the quilts I made for them:


Ellen said...

What cute quilts! I bet the twins are getting good use out of them. I love the one you made for Gabi.

Your dog is gorgeous!

Linda_J said...

The tote is wonderful but I love the two quilts you made. The pattern is not curved pieces, correct? The block just gives that illusion, I think. Well done!

I came upon your blog because I was looking for an image of a Billie Lauder Reflection quilt. I am thinking about cutting one out though more planned from some batik fabrics a friend gave to me. I figured she may not know what I was talking about but I could direct her to a picture of one. (I found it posted in a past fall quiltathon post.) It looks great scrappy too. You must have followed the instructions up to the point of sewing the unit back together where you mixed them all up?

I really enjoy Billie's quick quilt books--just did one of the puss in the corner quilt tops for a scrap challenge with my quilt group, actually.